What is it?

8bit.mx is a small tool for making and sharing songs that sound like 8-bit game music. It's designed to look and feel like an old video game, too: cryptic and boxy, the type that wants you to push buttons to see what they do.

Have fun with it. It's not super serious.


For fun! It was fun to make, and we have had fun using it. We listen to a lot of video game music!

Is it done?

Not yet. We have some more features planned. Feel free to send feedback or suggestions. We're @8bitmixes on Twitter and you can email us at bleepbloop at 8bit dot mx.

How does it work?

We take the songs you write, and compile a Game Boy program to play the song, then emulate a Game Boy to convert the song to an .mp3 or an .ogg file, depending on your browser.

The mixes are all content-addressed. Strictly speaking, every edit to a mix creates a new mix. That's why anyone can edit any mix: their edits leave your original mix in place, and create new, parallel mixes.

The technical details: the interface is powered by JavaScript and HTML5. The website is powered by Go. The engine is a combination of Go (compiler and glue code), C (Game Boy emulation), and hand-crafted Z-80 assembly to produce the songs.

Who made it?

Rekka Labs made it. (We used to be Reverso Labs!)

The Game Boy emulation is provided by gbsplay. The mp3 and ogg encoding are provided by LAME and LibOGG.

The rest of it was written by the team here at Reverso Labs, including the Z-80 assembly.